Tech Inclusion Conference 2015 San Francisco at Galvanize SF

Exploring innovative solutions to tech diversity and inclusion


Exploring innovative solutions to
tech diversity and inclusion

September 11th & 12th, San Francisco, CA

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September 11, 2015

Panel: Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

10:00  -  10:45

Panel: Increasing Access to Capital for Underrepresented Entrepreneurs

11:00  -  11:45

Panel: Repairing the STEM Pipeline

1:00  -  1:45

Panel: Developing Inclusive Citywide Tech Ecosystems

2:00  -  2:45

Panel: Supporting Early Stage Entrepreneurs Beyond Capital

2:00  -  2:45

Panel: Life as a Diverse Engineer

3:15  -  4:00

This panel will explore the barriers, struggles and rewards of being an underrepresented engineer. We’ll discuss how schools, companies and the industry as a whole can better support underrepresented engineers, and what diverse entrepreneurs can do to help each other rise in the tech industry.

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Panel: What Can You Do as an Ally?

3:15pm  -  4:00pm

We cannot create an inclusive tech culture in isolation. It takes all of us together: of all genders, races, ages, abilities, income levels, locations and more. These panelists are each allies of underrepresented people in tech who get it, and take action in their own way. They’ll discuss the fears, challenges and rewards of standing up […]

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Panel: The Role of Employee Resource Groups in Creating Inclusion

4:00  -  4:45

Affinity Groups or Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) often play a crucial role in diversity and inclusion at larger companies. They are often informal groups that gradually become a driving force of change: reducing feelings of isolation, empowering and mentoring diverse employees, and even driving internal policy changes. This panel will discuss the role of ERGs […]

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Panel: Succeeding As Female Founder

4:00  -  4:45

September 12, 2015

Panel: Incubating & Accelerating Diverse Entrepreneurs

10:00  -  10:45

Panel: How Policy Can Support Tech Inclusion

11:00  -  11:45

Panel: Youth in STEM: Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders

1:00  -  1:45

In this panel, we’ll hear from diverse middle and high school students to learn about their STEM and technology projects, and to learn the youth perspective on “tech inclusion.” We’ll discuss ways to involve youth in inclusion at a young age and how today’s youth – and tomorrow’s leaders – can be part of the […]

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Workshop: Achieving Inclusion with Policy & Advocacy

1:00  -  2:00

One avenue to address the diversity discrepancy within the tech community is through policy reform. Navigating government process to influence change can be overwhelming. However, governing bodies at the local, state and federal levels can have an enormous impact — and with the right tools, WE have the power to influence them. In this workshop, […]

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Panel: Moms In Tech

2:00  -  2:45

Panel: Establishing the Foundation For Diversity Data

2:00  -  2:45

Panel: The Role of Media

3:15  -  4:00

Panel: Technology Eats HR

3:15  -  4:00

Panel: How Code Schools & Bootcamps are Changing the Face of Engineering

4:00  -  4:45

Panel: Intersectionality in Tech

4:00  -  4:45

This panel will spotlight the invisibility of intersectionality in mainstream discussions about diversity in tech. As women and black people in Silicon Valley’s technology industry, the narratives of each panelist are by ​virtue of our diverse identities, intersectional. We will share the experiences & insights of diverse women in technology as entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, and […]

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Panel: Increasing the Number of Women Investors

4:45  -  5:30

The data shows we’ve been going the wrong direction when it comes to the number of women venture capital partners: from 10% in 1999 to 6% in 2013. Recently, however, new all-women angel and VC firms have begun to rise, in addition to a few angel investing bootcamps specifically for women. Is the tide beginning to […]

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Panel: Diverse Groups That Empower Change

4:45  -  5:30

The panel highlights community groups that bring women and/or underrepresented minorities together, and the role they play in creating inclusion in tech. Beyond ERGs, beyond coding schools and higher education, these groups are part of the glue of the industry, bringing us together, holding us accountable and helping create an environment of inclusion. Moderated by […]

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