Tech Inclusion Conference 2015 San Francisco at Galvanize SF

Exploring innovative solutions to tech diversity and inclusion


Exploring innovative solutions to
tech diversity and inclusion

September 11th & 12th, San Francisco, CA

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Aubrey Blanche

Global Diversity Programs Lead

I believe firmly in creating opportunities for deserving individuals who face unique challenges. As the Global Diversity Programs Lead at Atlassian, I am responsible for our diversity initiatives across the candidate and employee pipeline, from our investment in STEM education to recruiting to creating an inclusive, supportive culture.

In my free time, I teach yin and vinyasa styles of hatha yoga. As a yoga teacher, I focus on getting the body, mind, and breath in sync to improve mood and lower stress. I’m fascinated by the congruencies between Western medicine and Eastern philosophy and believe that my blended approach creates better outcomes for my students. I have a special interest in yoga for anxiety and related conditions.


September 12, 2015
Solo Talk: Personal Connections: Using Empathy to Create Diversity Allies
Session Time: 2:45pm  -  3:00pm

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