Tech Inclusion Conference 2015 San Francisco at Galvanize SF

Exploring innovative solutions to tech diversity and inclusion


Exploring innovative solutions to
tech diversity and inclusion

September 11th & 12th, San Francisco, CA

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Caetano Melone


My name is Caetano Melone and I attend North Monterey County High School in Castroville, about 20 miles north of Monterey. I live with my family in Prunedale, which is a small unincorporated area 90 miles south of San Francisco. I am 14 years old and I like to code, browse reddit, and run on my spare time.

My first exposure to technology was probably when I was about 9 years old and I look a hammer out to my garage and attempted to inspect my parents 20 year old compaq desktop tower. I knew I wanted to do something with computers when I grew up, but I wasn’t sure if I liked hardware or software more. I now know that I would like to do code when I am older. I have built a runtime application that changes the color of your passcode keys. I created it using Objective-C and a program called theos.

I am currently working on a project that reminds you after a certain amount of time to perform simple eye exercises and I am also looking to making it possible to upload more than 15 second videos to Instagram. The number one thing that helped me with my project is probably open source software on Github. I will open source all my projects and I encourage all others to do so. It really helps other people get started with software development and I always like to give back.


September 12, 2015
Panel: Youth in STEM: Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders
Session Time: 1:00  -  1:45

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