Tech Inclusion Conference 2015 San Francisco at Galvanize SF

Exploring innovative solutions to tech diversity and inclusion


Exploring innovative solutions to
tech diversity and inclusion

September 11th & 12th, San Francisco, CA

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Nancy Torres

Research Analyst

Nancy is the Chair of Hispanic Opportunities in Leadership and Advocacy (HOLA), Google’s Latino Business and Employee Resource Group. Through HOLA, Nancy manages several efforts across the areas of membership, career development, education, community outreach and small-to-medium business outreach. In her core role, Nancy is an analyst on the People Analytics team which focuses on projects that use people-related data to optimize business outcomes and solve organizational problems. She started her journey at Google as a business intern in 2011 and has also worked on the Culture Programs and Tech Human Resources teams throughout her three years at Google.

Prior to Google, she worked at an education nonprofit in Washington, D.C. and a social media startup in Durham, North Carolina. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she received a B.S. in Business Administration. Nancy is a proud Colombiana and east-coaster, hailing from Bowie, Maryland and currently residing in Oakland, California.


September 11, 2015
Panel: The Role of Employee Resource Groups in Creating Inclusion
Session Time: 4:00  -  4:45

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