Ben Foss

Ben Foss knows a lot about failure. His bumpy road through early education as a dyslexic student led him to become interested in how to use innovation to improve access to information. Eventually, he was hired by former Intel CEO Andy Grove to work with startups on Intel’s behalf and then to create the first branded consumer electronic product from Intel in nearly a decade.

Today, Ben uses his training in business and law to help dyslexic entrepreneurs play to their strengths. He works with emerging and established entrepreneurs in businesses ranging from cyber security to biofuels, focusing on the 35% of entrepreneurs who are dyslexic.

On this path he has received eight patents for mobile consumer electronic technology and published his first book in 2013, The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan. He has been interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and on CNN, Fox Business News and PBS. He is a regular speaker at universities and business leadership events including recent talks at TEDx, Bloomberg, the UVA Darden School Executive Education Program, Landmark College and The National Bar Association.