Gisela Kottmeier

I’m Gisela Kottmeier. I graduated from Lowell High School this year. I was born and raised in San Francisco.

The first semester of my junior year, I decided to take a programming course at my school because I had always been curious about coding, hardware, and just technology in general but had no idea where to start. Instantly, I enjoyed the class because I was creating something which feels empowering. The next semester my teacher posted about the MissionBit program on our school website and I decided to check it out. I was hesitant and nervous about the joining the program but I am immensely happy I did. I had an amazing mentor which pushed me and helped me see that I had the ability to truly make something on my own. After this I was awarded an internship with hack reactor and attended MakeSchool’s summer program which enabled me to make a iPhone app in Objective-C. These different opportunities enabled me to see that this was something I enjoyed and could excel in.

Since then I have taken three more classes with MissionBit including a Python, Ruby, and Android Dev class. I also participated in programs including Square’s Code Camp, Hack Reactor’s Prep Class, and HackEdu’s Hack Camp. Currently, I am enrolling in a coding bootcamp instead of attending a university.