Ishmael Rico

Hello my name is Ishmael Rico, I am from Oakland California, and I am an aspiring software engineer. As a mixed raced Latino, I was appalled by the lack of diversity in the tech industry and I strive to use my passion to change that. As I develop my skills I hope to serve as a role model to inspire others to pursue a career in tech! My goal is to start, work with, and/or contribute to a tech business. My interest lies in programming and business development.

I am attending Berkeley City College studying Business Administration while minoring in Computer Science, preparing for my transfer to my dream school, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business or MIT. While in school I plan to build upon my Software development, Business development, and Networking skills. Programming using languages such as Javascript and Python will give me the ability to work on a variety of projects. Business development will allow me to apply past my knowledge with potential new information to see what I have learn, and work with a team to put things into action.

Finally, networking will provide the ability to meet new people, and create new connections, not only to make new friends, but to learn and grow from as well. My end goal is to do business development or to start my own business, but be very familiar with what is happening on the technical end of the business and having the ability to work with the program and to help it grow.