Konda Mason

Konda Mason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Oakland, a beautiful inspiring co-working space that supports and connects socially engaged change makers and social entrepreneurs in creating community and acquiring the skills they need to bring their projects to life as they create a better world. She is a co-creator and co-facilitator of The Well Being In Business Lab – Oakland, a project of business leaders deepening their commitment to inner transformation and using their business for more positive impact. Konda’s love for the city of Oakland is the driver for the work she brings and she is an inspired leader for many in the community.

A die-hard activist and change maker, Konda has helped to stop a coal-fired power plant from being constructed in Borneo’s Coral Triangle, through her former company Yoganics, was the first to bring organic produce into mainstream supermarkets in Los Angeles, and leads eco-tourism journeys into the world’s most pristine ecosystem, the rainforest of Ecuador, to wake people up to a more regenerative and conscious way to live on the planet.

Konda is a certified yoga teacher, a Certified Permaculture Designer, was an online host for a Thought Leader speaker series for the Pachamama Alliance, and has spoken on many panels and/or keynotes for Wisdom 2.0, SOCAP, Social Venture Network, Bioneers, Permaculture Convergence Conference, SF Green Festival, Living The New Economy conference and many more.

Konda uses permaculture design principles, sustainable business practices, yoga, storytelling, Buddhist theory and Integral theory…through a lens of social justice, to inform her work. A human equity and sustainable ecology advocate and social entrepreneur, Konda’s work is driven by the vision of realizing in her lifetime a genuinely just, regenerative and sustainable world.