Laura I. Gómez

Laura is the founder of Atipica, a startup with technologies designed to optimize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with big data and machine learning.

Laura has worked at Twitter where she was a founding team member of the International team and lead Twitter’s product expansion into 50 languages and dozens of countries. She has also worked Jawbone, YouTube, Google Brasil and AKQA London.

Laura has been featured in hundreds of publications and television programming around the world, including Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes México, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and Huffington post.

She has been recognized by the Department of State and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for involvement in the TechWomen Program – only female leader at Twitter to participate in 2012. Currently she is serving on the board of Institute for Technology and Public Policy alongside Lt Governor Gavin Newsom and former Secretary of State George P Schultz.

Diversity: Laura has been in numerous panels around diversity in tech, specifically with heads of diversity at Facebook and Google and Rev JesseJackson, .