Melinda Briana Epler

Melinda Briana Epler has more than 20 years of experience elevating brands and developing business innovation strategies for social entrepreneurs, mature social enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and global NGOs.

As Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst, Melinda empowers women leaders in social and environmental change – through events, workshops, and a new online education platform for women social entrepreneurs and angel investors. She is also Co-Founder of TechInclusion; Head of Bay Area Women’s Initiatives at the National Diversity Council; Diversity & Inclusion Advisor to Galvanize; and Board Director of TisBest Philanthropy.

Melinda speaks and writes about diversity and inclusion in tech, social entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs and investing. She is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker – her film and television work includes projects that exposed the AIDS crisis in South Africa, explored women’s rights in Turkey, and prepared communities for the effects of climate change. She has worked on several television shows, including NBC’s The West Wing.