Nathan Esquenazi

Nathan is currently one of the co-founders of CodePath having developed curriculums and content used by companies like Dropbox, Hipmunk and Yahoo to efficiently ramp up professional engineers on Android development. Nathan has been founding and working at early-stage startups for over a decade developing across web, mobile, and desktop platforms. One of his first startups leveraged the original iPod’s notes feature to allow simple “apps” to be loaded and used. One of these apps “iLingo” was used to teach people languages and was one of the first products featured in the Apple Stores and was featured in Time Magazine in 2008. He is an ongoing contributor to open-source as the maintainer of the Padrino ruby web framework, the official ruby client for beanstalkd, comprehensive developer guides for Android and dozens of other projects. He is also deeply passionate about technology and education having helped design curriculum at summer camps for children, tutored and TA’ed every year while in college and frequently volunteering to teach web and mobile technologies to different audiences.