Sirr Dezion Johnson

My name is Sirr Dezion Johnson. I am from Oakland California and I have the desire to be a software engineer. As a African American male, I am not introduced to the tech industry through my everyday interactions, so I try to pursue my passion through an more specific and focused means. I have taken many coding classes and seminars and have learned how to use JavaScript which set the trail for my desire in technology. While working towards my goal, I hope I encourage others to pursue a career in technology because I feel like so many kids have the potential to do this. My goal is to work for big technology companies such as Facebook or Google to get the experience then build my own company and give back to my community through the development of programs and seminars for underrepresented youth.

I attend KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory in San Francisco (class of 2018) and the school has pushed me a lot to go to college and pursue my dreams with a career in software engineering. I plan to attend a prestigious school with an strong Engineering program, gain an internship and work at the big and well-known tech company.

Networking will give me the opportunity to meet new people who share the same interest as me and can give me advice and help since they have already been in my shoes. I will also be able to learn from them about programming which will only improve my skills. My career goal is to be a software engineer and someone who has an positive impact on my peers and my community.