Umaimah Mendhro

Umaimah Mendhro is the founder and CEO of VIDA, a Google Ventures backed global ecommerce platform that connects designers and manufacturers around the world to create original, inspiring apparel and accessories at scale.

Prior to founding VIDA, Umaimah was Managing Director at West, a multi-disciplinary creative collective, where she led business and product strategy for Square, Path, Dropbox, and Anki, amongst others, and founded and launched the company’s early-stage business unit. Umaimah was also Director of Product in Microsoft’s Startup Business Group where she led Xbox Kinect innovation, managed P&L for a $60M business, which she grew by over 2x within 6 months, and launched two marketplace businesses, leading growth from zero to millions of users. She holds 13 Patent Awards in the space of media engagement.

Umaimah is also the founder of, a global initiative connecting communities in conflict around common causes. She grew the organization’s presence to 5 countries with close to 5,000 lives touched across Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Rwanda, and Colombia.

Umaimah has an MBA from Harvard Business School, where she was a Baker Scholar, and a BSc from Cornell University in Human Development with coursework in Computer Science. She lives in Ocean Beach, San Francisco with her husband and their two little ones, daughter age 4.5 and son age 1.5 years old.